Sealed with a Kiss

To what lengths would you go for love? If you had a second chance with your first love, would you take it?

Two decades ago Jacquie Lyon fled the seaside town of Skala Eressos that had been her home until then, in a fit of despair as only a crazed, love-sick teenager with a crushed heart could. Now, a successful academic living in Cambridge, UK, she is presented with an opportunity to return and make amends for her childhood foolish indiscretions.

Dorothy Rowland came to the island years ago as a young mother, looking to make a new life for her and her baby girl. She became a teacher in the local school and since then her focus had been on being a conscientious mother and teacher, always making sure to do ‘the right thing’. Now, in her later years, she finds herself faced with a last chance at love which would mean raising a few eyebrows, if not breaking a few ‘rules’.

Will Jac return home and risk opening those old wounds? Will Dot finally throw caution to the wind and take a chance on love? And will Jac find the academic breakthrough she’s been looking for?

“This is the best book. I love Sam Skyborne and have all her books.”

“A lesbian romance with heart and soul.”

If you’re looking for something so much more than a romance, then this love story is for you.”

“A heartfelt age gap story to love.”

“A story that will reach inside of you and warm your heart and twist it as well.”

“Sam Skyborne is guaranteed to make you think and feel.”

“Skyborne’s writing stays with me…”

“This is one of the most engrossing and enjoyable novels I’ve read this year.”

“Made me really want to go there… to visit Lesvos, Sappho’s island.”his is the best lesbian romance I have read

Read “Sealed with a Kiss” today to discover if Jac and Dot find true love in this, the first book in the long-awaited “Lesvos Island” lesbian love story collection”

Best Lesbian Fiction Romance

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About the Lesvos Island Collection

Each book is a self-contained story and can be read as a standalone novel. However, they form part of a collection of stories that take place within the same timeframe on the Island of Lesvos.

Books in the Collection:

• Sealed with a Kiss

A Change of Heart

Eye of the Storm

Sugar and Spice

Amenah Awakens (Free Taster)

The Sappho Romance (Alternative History spinoff)

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