Milton: A later years love story


When will it be time?

Will it come after teenage-hood?… Or perhaps when you hit your late thirties or forties?… Or once you’ve had children, or retired?… Or when you no longer feel youthful, strong and virile?… When will you be ready to give up on love?

Milton, a successful, strong woman, a mother, and grandmother, in the autumn of her life, gets prematurely thrust into the care of her family due to a sudden and tragic accident. As the daunting prospect of a bleak future begins to get the better of her, and she starts to simmer in self-pity over her inevitable descent into even darker days…

In blows Beatrice, a buxom, no-nonsense new carer… and the sparks begin to fly.

“Milton” is another heartwarming, quirky, romantic short story in Sam Skyborne’s Queer Shorts Collection.

Get it today, to find out if Beatrice’s unconventional methods have what it takes to inject a new spring into Milton’s stymied step.

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What people say about this book…


“Nice to read something that reflects us ‘women of a certain age’.” – Laurel Burke.

Loved it!

“A delightful story of love in the mature years of our lives.” – Elsie Boyd


“An unusual touching tale of love in the twilight years.​ I like it.” – Sophie Cole.


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