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What will it take to put a bit of spring in one’s autumn?

“If you liked Last Tango in Halifax, you’ll love this!” – Lesbian Reviewer

Milton, a successful woman, mother, grandmother, in the autumn of her life gets prematurely foisted upon her family for care, after a sudden and tragic accident. As the daunting prospect of a bleak future begins to get the better of her, and she starts to simmer in self-pity… in blows Beatrice, a buxom, no-nonsense carer.

Instantly the sparks fly — not all bad.

“I want to meet Milton and Beatrice. Think it would be fun to be around them.” – Lorna.

“A really fun read, with such a big heart.” – Angie

Get your copy of this story today, to find out if Beatrice’s unconventional methods can inject a new spring into Milton’s stymied step.