Sealed with a Kiss

To what lengths would you go for love?

Barely out of school, Jacquie Lyon fled the island of her ‘idyllic’ childhood home in a fit of despair as only a crazed teenager with a crushed heart could, vowing never to look back. Two decades on she is given the opportunity to make amends. Will she return and risk opening old wounds?

Dorothy Rowland has been a conscientious mother and teacher for most of her life, always doing ‘the right thing’. Now, in her later years, when faced with a final chance at love, will she take it?

This is a bittersweet age-gap, second-chance, love story set in ‘paradise’, on the Greek island of Lesvos.

“This is the best book. I love Sam Skyborne and have all her books.”

“If you’re looking for something so much more than a romance, then this love story is for you.”

“A story that will reach inside of you and warm your heart and twist it as well.”

“This is one of the most engrossing and enjoyable novels I’ve read this year.”

This is the best lesbian romance I have read.

Read “Sealed with a Kiss” today to discover if Jac and Dot find true love in this first book in the “Lesbian Island” series.

Best Lesbian Fiction Romance

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