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Sam Skyborne (aka Wollie) is a storyteller – both an award-winning writer, author and a filmmaker. She has an English degree, a masters in Artificial Intelligence and currently lives and loves in London, United Kingdom.

Sam Skyborne’s first novel, Simulation: The Dawn of a Superhero (2016), is a dystopian adventure/romance set in the not too distant future on the Coast of Cornwall, which won the NYC Big Book Award in 2018. RISK: Three Crime-fighting Women Risk All for Love, Lust and Justice (2017), is a sexy detective coming out story and won the National Indie Excellence Award – Finalist award and the NYC Big Book Award – Distinguished Finalist award in 2018. Project: ALICE (2018), is a thrilling psychological adventure set in Cape Town, South Africa and also won the NYC Big Book Award – Distinguished Finalist award in 2018.

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