Photo taken by my friend and offical LFEST photographer Cathie Heart

The authors strike back – LFEST 2019!

By popular demand, the author panels, with authors reading from their latest books, were reinstated as part of the stellar LFEST 2019 line up and I was invited to appear with Immani Love, Jodie Klaire (with an impromptu special appearance by Velvet Lounger) and Viv Boot, in the Sunday morning panel. I include links to their work at the bottom of this post (really worth a read!)

So, here is a little clip of me reading from “Unbroken”, a short sexy steampunk novella which, for those that don’t know, you can get as a free gift when you join my mailing list:

It was a great event and I was pleased to see the early hour did not put anyone off coming to listen to some good story readings.

Afterwards, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a little quality time catching up with Immani and Jodie and her partner (Em) and the fantastic Fergus the super dog.

Jody Emma & Fergus

I was very excited to hear about Jodie’s amazing brainchild — a brand new LesFic platform project coming soon. She has enlisted a number of best selling LesFic authors and we are all very excited to be contributing… (more about that soon).

Sam Skyborne & Jody Klaire

The rest of the festival with its stellar line up, including the McChicks, the Beth Prior Collective, Hannah Brackenbury with her new show Victorious (a definite must-see) and the lovely Lara A. King who MC’d as well as performed, was a great success, despite the rain and gale-force winds which made the camping part a lot more… er…exciting. 🙂

So, here are a few more select pics of the adventures in Llandudno over the LFEST camping weekend.

Sunny camping promise - not!
Dee's Tardis

The photo on the right was the beautiful promise of the first day. Blue sky and sea and a gentle rainbow flag pointing the way.

The one on the left is my friend Dee, trying to demonstrate the ‘tardic’ (invented word pertaining to it being bigger on the inside) qualities of her tent. Conclusion: Fail!

Local dears - so cute
Pretty Peacock also came to listen to us read!

One of the highlights of this festival is the diversity of our fellow festival dwellers and locals.

Something that I was delighted to discover was that Jodie Klaire is not only a talented writer. She is also a brilliant singer/musician. That is her sitting, getting ready to enthral us!

Sam Skyborne Selfie with two random fellow festival goers
Sam Skyborne Selfie on campsite

Oh and lastly, a couple of gratuitous selfies. 🙂

*Featured photo at the top of the page was taken by my friend and official LFEST photographer Cathie Heart.

Author’s Book Links:

Jody Klaire:

The Empath (The Above and Beyond Series Book 1)

Black Ridge Falls (Above and Beyond Book 6)

The Above And Beyond Series (6 Book Series)

Immani Love:

Adventures in Eroticism : Four Seasons

Viv Boot: