Finding ALICE

Have you ever been on holiday and just wanted to stay? How far would you go for this newfound freedom?

For P.I. Toni Mendez, the honeymoon seems over with her long-time best friend — recently turned girlfriend. Needing time to think, she takes on what looks like a straightforward missing person case in a coveted holiday destination. However, she soon realises this case might not be the stroll on a beach she had hoped for.

Alice has lived a sheltered, privileged life, controlled and influenced by those around her, until one day, in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, she walks out.

Cape Town, South Africa — renowned as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with its white sand beaches, majestic Table Mountain, nearby wine lands, and scenic drives. Behind the shiny tourist veneer, it is a place with a dark underbelly of crime and conflict; a city on the edge, where life is cheap and theft, murder and trafficking are business as usual.

*** Winner of 2018 – NYC Big Book Award Distinguished Favorite – World Literature ***
*** Winner of 2018 – NYC Big Book Award Distinguished Favorite – LGBTQ+ ***

“Compelling, intriguing, fascinating and a terrific read!”

“Multi-layered and intelligently plotted…Bravo!”

“An utterly absorbing read.”

“A gripping novel!”

Looking for a gripping, fast-paced, thriller, set in a picturesque tourist haven by day and a dark and gritty underbelly by night — then “Finding Alice” is for you!

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Love it!

“Wow. I have just recently discovered Sam’s books. I love it.” – Joanna

Lovely characters that live on in your head.

“I liked the plot and the story, but for me, it was the characters. They are so different and unique. I can well imagine a world where they live on” – Louise


“Sometimes I want to lose myself like Alice. What an adventure! I wish I was brave enough.” – Emily

Definitely recommend it.

“It is a great read with fully formed characters and an interesting escalating plot which keeps you hooked right until the end.” – Claire

Another awesome read from Sam Skyborne

“I came across Sam skyborne at an author reading in London where I bought her two earlier novels. As soon as I heard she had a new one out I got a copy off Amazon. Once again I was thrilled! I couldn’t put it down! It is a brilliant read. This one is a fast moving thriller. Can’t wait for the next one, please!” – Eddie


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Best Lesbian Fiction Books

Lesbian author & novels