Three Crime-fighting Women Risk All for Love, Lust & Justice.

Some people bring out the best in you… Some people the worst! And, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish which is which.

Toni Mendez, an ex-cop turned private investigator in London, takes on a case to find the truth behind the violent murder of the young wife of a successful entrepreneur, Lucille Ransom-Evans. Little did she know that this case would bring to her door Maxine Bennett, a feisty, opinionated, American detective, on the hunt for a serial killer.

Maxine not only infiltrates Toni’s working life presenting a sore reminder of a profession she once loved, as a British detective, she also invades her private life by seducing her best friend, Lizbeth Du Cannon.

As the action-packed investigation continues, Toni is engulfed, both professionally and privately, into a racy subculture she knew only from a distance – the LGBTQ+ world. She is forced to reassess everything she thought she knew about herself, her sexuality and the foundations (repressed romantic feelings) of her long-term friendship with Lizbeth.

Will Toni track down the serial killer and get the girl?

Awards & Accolades:

*** Winner of 2019 – IAN Book of the Year Awards! ***
*** Winner of 2019 – International Book Awards Finalist ***
*** Winner of 2018 – National Indie Excellence Award Finalist ***
*** Winner of 2018 – NYC Big Book Award Distinguished Favourite ***

“Risk is another gripping, racy page-turner, by Sam Skyborne, starring three strong, sexy female protagonists on the hunt for a psychotic killer.”

“In the dark domains of crime, lust and love – innocence and guilt mix like blood and water. Will Toni risk it all to catch the psychotic killer?”

*** Beware of spoilers in the reviews below that are without spoiler alerts. ***

If you like a gripping, fast-paced, action thriller with a lesbian twist, then “Risk” is for you.


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Best Lesbian Fiction Books

Lesbian author & novels

Best Lesbian Fiction Books

Lesbian author & novels

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Best Lesbian Fiction Books

Lesbian author & novels

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Best Lesbian Fiction Books

Lesbian author & novels

Loved it

“It is 2am. I’ve just finished this book. I picked it up last night at 9 thinking I’d read a few pages. Now I am buzzing! 😉 Loved it. Loved the fact that it was sexy and also engaged my brain in a good story.” – Jacky

A really good read

“I really enjoyed everything about this book. The characters are excellent & you really feel you get to know them and can relate to them. There are lots of twists & turns along the way which you don’t see coming & which keep you turning pages. RISK cleverly combines crime, romance, and some brilliantly written sex-scenes, and is a great read from start to finish. I really appreciate the fact this book has a real story line and plot, and that the additional romance within its pages just happens to be between women. Definitely recommended.” – Lily

A thoroughly enjoyable read

“Risk is a fast-paced, exciting book with a host of interesting and relatable characters and a lot of hot intimate scenes! I read the whole book in one sitting and was kept guessing right up until the end. I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who appreciates good crime writing and strong female characters!” – Elly

Stimulating Page turner

“Not your usual detective novel, yes it has a crime, intrigue but this book offers more, much more. The sexual tension between the detectives is well,…. Very tense. This is a gripping page-turner in every sense of the word, both for plot and characterisation. Yes, it deals with lesbian relationships which are often fraught. But it is not your usual shallow lesbian novel, this spreads its wings further, it captures your imagination and draws you in.
This book is definitely a Risk worth taking”
– Gery

FIVE STARS for another great read from Sam Skyborne

“Bought this from the author at #LFest and I couldn’t put it down!!! It’s a brilliant read – I’ve been waiting for another story from Sam Skyborne and RISK doesn’t disappoint. It’s a real page-turner: a great story, fast moving with lots to it as well as three strong – and sexy – female leads. Now all we need is a follow up, please!” – Ally

Fun Sexy Read!

“I hate to sound cliche but….I had a hard time putting it down. The crime aspect is well thought out and kept me engrossed and to be blunt…it is sexy as hell (and that really kept me engrossed). The squirming sexual “awakening” of Toni was fun to follow. I don’t like reviews that give away the entire plot so suffice to say….I really enjoyed it, it was a fun read, and I recommend it!” – Musiclover


Best Lesbian Fiction Books

Lesbian author & novels

Best Lesbian Fiction Books

Lesbian author & novels