The Sappho Romance

The best-kept secret of antiquity…

Sappho, the ancient Greek poet and teacher of legend, known as the ‘Mortal Muse’, had a secret so well guarded that centuries of scrutiny and academic debate could not unearth it.

Until now…

If you are familiar with Sappho, you are probably aware of the decades of speculation and controversy surrounding her private life.

She is believed by some to have been the quintessential lover of women—loving and writing about many of them in the lyrical poetry for which we know her today.

Others claim she was the devout wife of Kerkylas of Andros and mother to his ten children—her liaisons with women merely a consequence of her role as a teacher of girls in the arts of song, music and poetry.

Yet others believe she fell in love with a younger, handsome, ferryman called Phaon whom she pursued to Lefkas and where, when rejected by him, she leapt to her death from the majestic white cliffs.

But what if the real story were different… holding fragments of all these legends, yet hiding a splendid alternative twist?

This is a bittersweet age-gap, second-chance, love story set in ‘paradise’, on the Greek island of Lesvos.

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Read “The Sappho Romance” now, to learn the secret of Sappho’s true love.

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About the Lesvos Island Collection

This book is a spin-off from the Lesvos Isnald Collection. They are a colelction of self-contained stories, which can be read as a standalone love stories, set on the Island of Lesvos.

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