A Change of Heart

Business and pleasure don’t mix well, or do they? When family duty and obligation stand in the way of your dream, which will you choose?

Lesbian Fiction

Carol, a high-flying executive, who has made a very successful but rather lonely life for herself and her little ginger tabby called Sappho, in Tokyo, is on her way home for a friend’s hen party and wedding… back to her critical, guilt-inducing mother’s hotel in Skala Eressos, Greece.

In preparation, she has steeled herself against the all too familiar family politics and age-old battles she’s sure she’ll need to face. However, what she hadn’t anticipated, was coming up against Lisa Lowe—a gutsy, enthralling and completely gorgeous lifeguard turned sports-coach and part-time tour guide from South Africa.

Lisa had left Cape Town, her business and her unfaithful girlfriend with no commitments, planning to sail around the Med and just have fun. But when she landed in this little seaside village, she soon fell in love with it and its vibrant, welcoming community of locals and women from all over the world, so much so that she was looking to settle there.

There is only one problem: the formidable matriarch and owner of the big resort at the other end of the beach, has started to make some unwelcome changes, drawing Lisa and a little band of locals into a battle to preserve their livelihoods.

Things rapidly get complicated, and it becomes clear that Carol’s duty and responsibility towards her mother and the family business will put her and Lisa squarely on opposite sides—unless Carol can come up with a win-win solution.

This is perhaps one ‘boardroom’ battle Carol would be glad to lose…

Lesbian Fiction

“A wonderful holiday read.”

“Sam does it again with a fantastic engaging story.”

“I love the way this story coincides with the first book—same world and overlapping characters in the same timeframe. Makes it more real. I want to go to Skala now more than ever.”

Lesbian Fiction

If you enjoy feel-good holiday stories like “Shirley Valentine” or “Mamma Mia” then Sam Skyborne’s latest lesbian romance in the Lesvos Island series, is the perfect book for you.

Get your copy now and find out if love wins.

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Lesbian romance series

About the Lesvos Island Collection

Each book is a self-contained story and can be read as a standalone novel. However, they form part of a collection of stories that take place within the same timeframe on the Island of Lesvos.

Books in the Collection:

Sealed with a Kiss

• A Change of Heart

Eye of the Storm

Sugar and Spice

Amenah Awakens (Free Taster)

The Sappho Romance (Alternative History spinoff)

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