Starting Over

Life throws curveballs, and starting over is never easy.

After a devastating breakup, the usually very together and competent solicitor, Lizbeth Du Cannon, is left licking her wounds. Before making any further big decisions, she decides to hide out and regroup for a few days in her best friend, Patrick’s, tiny flat, while he and his boyfriend are away in New York. All she wants is a little peace and quiet to listen to good classical music, cry, and enjoy a nice glass of red wine. Little does she know her calm, solitary sanctuary is about to be disrupted by Patrick’s new and troublesome neighbour.

Toni Mendez, London’s new P.I., just experienced a major setback. As a result of a blazing, fatal showdown with a psychotic killer during her most recent case, her life is left in tatters. In an effort to escape the haunting horror and savage memories, she decides to attempt a fresh start by moving house into a quaint little studio in a new part of town.

Whether star crossed or simply due to crossed stars, this new friendship is off to a rocky start.

Read “Starting Over”, the exclusive novella in the Toni Mendez series, now to find out how it all began!

Best lesbian fiction

This is the best lesbian romance I have read.

Best Lesbian Fico Rmance

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Best lesbian fiction.

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Great to know how it began

“This novella is a nice start for our favourite lovers.” – Reviewer