The Yellow Tandem: A queer short story


In our modern, progressive but sometimes complex and isolating world, where fluid identities and pansexuality can make life a little difficult to navigate, is love still able to conquer all?

In cold rush-hour London, a world-weary commuter, a watcher of others, is given a little lesson in making room for happiness. This is a heartwarming tale of one individual’s struggle to find love, and it tells how with a lot of patience, persistence and a little ingenuity, love can ultimately prevail.

“The Yellow Tandem” is another exciting, quirky romantic short story in Sam Skyborne’s Queer Shorts Collection.

So, if you’re a romantic at heart, who’s looking for love… Get “The Yellow Tandem” now to discover how it’s done today!

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What people say about this book…


Love can be anywhere.

“I don’t look at the traffic and the commuting chaos in quite the same way, after reading this.” – Beverly Lock.

Thought provoking

“This seemingly innocent little story touches on some profound concepts of gender fluidity and what gender and stereotype mean in a modern world.” – Natalie de Grave.

Going to buy a tandem NOW!

“Inspiring and I loved the little twist.” – Sonia.




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