The Yellow Tandem: A queer short story

This gentle, heartwarming tale draws a picture of loneliness being overcome by patience, persistence and love. A world-weary commuter, a watcher of others, is given a little lesson in making room for happiness in their life.

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Best Lesbian Fiction Books

Best Lesbian Fiction Books

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Love can be anywhere.

“I don’t look at the traffic and the commuting chaos in quite the same way, after reading this.” – Beverly Lock.

Thought provoking

“This seemingly innocent little story touches on some profound concepts of gender fluidity and what gender and stereotype mean in a modern world.” – Natalie de Grave.

Going to buy a tandem NOW!

“Inspiring and I loved the little twist.” – Sonia.

Queer Lesbian Superhero Science Fiction Romance Story Book Novel

Exciting Lesbian Fiction dystopian/sci-fi science fiction Novel by Sam Skyborne

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