Saying Sorry

Saying Sorry: L.E.S Collection II

A short Lesbian fiction romance.

Ever needed to say sorry like you mean it?

Having screwed-up again, Jo learns that finding a suitable way to say sorry is hard.
And, having to say you’re sorry and being forgiven isn’t always a two-way street.
The resulting journey is sometimes far from easy and certainly not predictable.

This is Part II of the L.E.S (Lesbian Erotic Stories) COMBO (Short Story & Short Film) Collection.

“An utterly gripping little tale about love, anger and forgiveness.”

Saying Sorry” is a sexy lesbian romance short about love, anger and forgiveness by the award-winning author, Sam Skyborne, and filmmaker Wollie Boehm.

Read the short story and watch the film today to find out what Jo did to show how much she meant it.

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Best Lesbian Fiction Books


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Beautiful, steamy

“Beautiful, steamy, tender and poignant! a wonderful short story by a talented writer. I throughly enjoyed reading this sweet love story with well-rounded characters. Engaging from start to finish, the end is so beautifully touching! I will look out for more from this author in the future.” – Amazon Customer.

Five Stars

“Awesome, engaging and beautifully written short story which gave me tingles down my spine more than once!” – Lily

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